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United Nations Day

There’s a reason the United States is called a melting pot—the integration of people from various cultures and backgrounds have melted together to form a harmonious common culture known as the American culture. United Nations (UN) Day celebrates the creation of the UN in 1945 and their hard work throughout the years maintaining the peace and helping those in need.

Today is a day dedicated to opening up the conversation about the importance of working together and teaching one another about different cultures and ways of life. The theme for this year’s UN Day is “One Community, Shared Responsibility,” and what better way to describe the collective effort of GBCA’s New Americans programs? The ultimate goal of the New Americans programs is to ease the transition from immigration to integration into their new life and community.

The program helps new Americans with life skills, coping in a new environment, educational options and career planning in order to give foreign-born people the knowledge and courage to integrate fully into their new community.

To find out more information or to enroll, call (201) 366-1020 ext. 2034.

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