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2017 Gala Honoree: Center for Food Action

The Center for Food Action (CFA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1967 that provides emergency services to northern New Jersey’s poorest and most vulnerable residents. CFA’s mission is to prevent hunger and homelessness and improve the lives of individuals and families living in poverty. CFA provides food, housing, utility and heating assistance and offers counseling and advocacy services to low-income individuals and families. In CFA’s first year of operation, 507 people received food; in 2015, CFA distributed more than 64,000 food packages to 17,000 different people. CFA has always relied on its volunteers to do much of the necessary work, and today the volunteers play a major role in its mission to end hunger and homelessness in our community. The accomplishments of the Center for Food Action over the past 40 years are the result of the many compassionate people in the community who support their efforts.

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