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How GBCA Transformed My Life

Initially, I heard about Greater Bergen through a friend. When I first came here I was interested in the homeless prevention program. Then I learned about the LIHEAP program. I had little to no knowledge of this program at all, but it has influenced my life tremendously. I learned so much from coming here and, eventually, working for GBCA.

GBCA has given me a chance at a fresh start, helping me pay my rent on time by relieving the burden of my PSE&G bill. I joined the GBCA staff because I love helping people and this was a great way for me to help people in my community and surrounding communities. GBCA is an excellent organization and is a great place to go for people who are in need. Every chance I get I am telling people about the services we offer because they may be able to utilize some of the services or pass it on to a friend who can use our services.

If I could advise anyone seeking help from GBCA I would tell them how GBCA helped me and they should visit one of their offices and learn about everything they have to offer. My journey with GBCA has been filled with knowledge. I have learned so much and I enjoy working here with this staff. The people here are very helpful and kind. I am very grateful for the opportunities GBCA created for me and would like to continue to grow with this organization and help people.

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