• Greater Bergen Community Action

1st Bergen Federal Credit Union Puts YOU First

Making members feel valued is a key component to any overall customer experience. Carolin Lopez, Branch Manager for 1st Bergen Federal Credit Union Hackensack, is one of the central individuals who is dedicated to delivering this excellent customer service. Carolin ensures that she and her staff exhibit four major keys: pay attention to detail; provide personalized service; respect the members’ time; and most importantly, listen.

“Members want their voices to be heard,” Carolin explained. “You never know what a person is going through and when you make it easy for the members to talk to you, you can make a big difference.”

Many 1st Bergen members are local Hackensack residents who are trying to build a stronger financial foundation and Carolin makes sure she provides them with the products and services that add efficiency to their otherwise busy lives. The small details are what turn non-members into members, and at the same time, what keeps 1st Bergen members so loyal to the credit union!

“Ultimately, we make members feel valued by acknowledging the fact that 1st Bergen would not exist without them,” Carolin said. “I always remind clients that they are not just members, but also part owners of the credit union.”

1st Bergen Federal Credit Union is sponsored by Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc. and empowers low-income individuals and families with programs and services that assist them on their road to self-sustainability and a stronger future. For more information, or to become a member, contact Carolin at (201) 968-0203 or visit www.1stbergen.com.