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Speak Better English

The English language is difficult for many to learn but with a little practice and determination, you will be able to speak English effectively soon enough. Keep in mind that the most important goal of speaking English is to communicate with others. Though grammar is significant, it is more important that an English speaker can understand what you are saying. Check out these 3 tips to help you communicate in full sentences!

  1. Think in English- Because many words in English may not translate perfectly in your native language, try thinking in English. It makes speaking English easier and helps with formulating new thoughts and sentences in the language.

  2. Speak Slowly- Trying to speak English too fast can actually make it more difficult for others to understand you. Speaking slowly also allows you to think about what you want to say and makes your speech clearer so the other person can understand.

  3. Have A Positive, Confident Attitude- It’s okay if you make a mistake or forget a word when you are speaking English. If you feel insecure when speaking, it will make it more difficult to think of the words you do know. Before every English conversation, give yourself a boost of confidence to help you speak better.

Greater Bergen’s Education and Training Center offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at no costs to residents of Bergen County, Jersey City, and Paterson. GBCA’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced ESL classes help students learn American language, culture, and customs. For more information about GBCA’s ESL classes, call (973) 685-0005 ext. 1050.

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