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Reach As High As You Can

According to a study done by the Alliance for Excellent Education, more than 7,000 American students drop out of high school every day, resulting in 1.3 million adolescents quitting school before earning their diploma. Having your high school education is more important than you may realize. You can’t do much without it.

In fact, many jobs require potential employees to have at least completed high school. A high school education prepares you for greater things in life such as college or better employment options. A study done by the Economic Policy Institute shows the average person without a high school diploma can expect to earn about $21,080 a year, compared to a high school graduate who can expect nearly $30,000 a year. Take your education a step further to college, and you can expect an average of $50,734 after graduation. Your education creates new opportunities that will last you into your adulthood, allowing you to create a stronger foundation for your life.

GBCA’s High School Equivalency (HSE) program gives out-of-school youth ages 16-24 the opportunity to move beyond entry-level careers and increase their success in life. Students learn from skilled teachers, mentors, counselors, and their peers, and are invited to participate in a year-end Bergen County-wide graduation ceremony. HSE is a tuition-free program and is available to residents of Bergen County and neighboring counties. For more information or to enroll call (973) 685-0005 x1050 or visit our website at

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