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Join the Club!

Everyone looks forward to the holidays, but no one gets excited about spending their money for one. The holiday season is expensive and some people save up for months in order to pay for it each year. A good way to safeguard your money is to open a holiday club account. A club account (not an actual “club”) is a special short-term savings account set up by a financial institution, like 1st Bergen Federal Credit Union, that encourages building your finances for the holidays or a vacation. The holiday club account at 1st Bergen allows you to save money with some interest and prevents you from running a huge credit debt when the time comes to ‘tis the season.

1st Bergen Federal Credit Union’s Holiday Club account is a great way to save for the holidays. Members make deposits through automatic transfer each month and the earnings will be deposited into their saving accounts in November before Black Friday. To open a Holiday Club account, visit our branch at 95 Main Street in Hackensack or call us at (201) 968-0202. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a small amount can turn into big bucks for your holiday shopping!

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