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Dear Garfield Resident,

The City of Garfield is planning for a brighter future with its plans to revitalize the business district on Passaic Street. This plan will save the NJ Transit Train Stop. It will create new housing options, bring in new jobs and provide new parking for merchants in new shops and restaurants.

And it will create a safer, more prosperous city. Did you know that in just the last three months, there have been arrests for bank robbery, shooting, stabbing, theft, home invasion and heroin dealing in southern Garfield? Revitalization around the train stop will bring with it the vitality that raises property values and reduces crime.

There are those who are spreading fear by saying that “nobody’s property is safe” if the city has the authority to seize property through eminent domain. Nothing could be further from the truth. The law will not permit an abusive taking of a property just to enrich a private developer, as opponents suggest.

My non-profit organization owns property on Passaic Street and we have invested many millions of dollars in developing opportunity for the City’s most vulnerable citizens. We promote balanced development and opportunity for all ( With the revitalization efforts proposed, we see a bright future. Without it, a downward spiral of crime and economic depression will continue.

It’s time for Garfield to stand together. ALL of Garfield. Support a brighter future for everyone. Let city leaders know that a new Transit Village will create…

A New Legacy. A Brighter Future.


Robert F. Halsch President/CEO, Greater Bergen Community Action


As you may know, there is a group of people who plan to oppose this project at this week's Planning Board meeting. YOUR VOICE MUST BE HEARD!

JOIN US at the meeting THIS THURSDAY, October 26th at 8 p.m. in

Garfield City Hall, 111 Outwater Lane and tell the Planning Board you support the redevelopment and a brighter future for your city.


TAKE ACTION NOW! Contact the City Council and the Planning Board members here.


READ MORE FROM ROBERT HALSCH about the redevelopment and Greater Bergen Community Action's contributions to the City of Garfield here.


LEARN MORE about the plans for the revitalization of Garfield by clicking here.



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