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Employee Appreciation Day!

GBCA employs almost 600 dedicated individuals in a wide range of professional disciplines to engage the community at every level. Operating out of 35 locations across Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic counties, our staff works more than three-quarter of a million hours a year.

Together, we operate more than 20 community programs providing assistance in education, finance, housing, and home energy to more than 50,000 low-income families and individuals each year. Though not all positions at the agency require credentials, 86% of GBCA employees have a college degree, professional license, specialized certification or program certificate in their chosen field.

95% of GBCA’s diverse workforce live in the communities we serve. We speak 24 languages and dialects, allowing us to relate to the people in those communities and communicate with compassion and understanding.

At GBCA we believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and that every member of our community, has the right to lead a life of self-sufficiency. Collectively, we build strong communities as we work toward a common mission of reducing poverty in communities we serve by addressing the causes and conditions of persistent economic insecurity.

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