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2019 Gala Honoree: Anna Sciacca, Superintendent of Schools, Garfield

Raised in the city of Garfield, New Jersey by blue-collared parents who valued education, Anna Sciacca attended Holy Name School, Immaculate Conception High School, Felician College where she earned her BA in Education, and Jersey City State University where she earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

As a mother of three successful young adults, Joanna, Alexandra and Frank Sciacca, Anna believes that all children are unique individuals and deserve the opportunity to learn and achieve. Anna is passionate about educating students and achieving this by collaborating with other educators, families, and the community. She has a long-standing teaching career in the Garfield School District, where she taught 7th and 8th grade mathematics, held roles such as Supervisor of Middle School Instruction, President of the Teachers Union (GFT), president of AFT New Jersey, Principal of Garfield Middle School, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, and is currently Superintendent of Schools at present time, making her the first female superintendent in Garfield, NJ.

As Superintendent of Schools in Garfield, Anna believes that giving back to the community is important. She is Trustee of the Boys and Girls Club of Garfield as well as former President of the organization. Anna is also a member of the Garfield Redevelopment Committee and Board of Education member for South Bergen Join True Commission.

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