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37 Local Scholars Received GBCA's Annual Lois A. Braithwaite Scholarship

Annually since Lois A. Braithwaite’s passing in 2015, Greater Bergen Community Action awards scholarships in her name: a name that embodies educational excellence and community service – as reflected in each chosen recipient.

We awarded our 2022 Lois A. Braithwaite Scholarships to 37 qualifying students who are pursuing undergraduate level college, vocational or trade school and who demonstrate economic need. The scholarship is intended to help students in meeting some of the ancillary costs associated with pursuing a post-secondary education.

This year was the first Lois A. Braithwaite Scholarship ceremony celebrated in-person since 2019 due to the pandemic. It was a night filled with celebration of each young scholar as they received their awards which will aid in the pursuits of their dreams and careers.

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2022 Lois A. Braithwaite Scholarship recipients! You all are so deserving.

The Lois A. Braithwaite Scholarship will continue to aid deserving scholars annually on their educational journeys.


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