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Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc. Receives C.A.R.E. Package from Local Ad Agency

Words and Pictures Creative Service, an advertising and design firm located in Park Ridge, New Jersey delivered its pro bono C.A.R.E. (Creative Aid for Recovering Enterprises) Package to Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc., (GBCA) a nonprofit organization that annually serves approximately 50,000 underserved residents of northern New Jersey. Since August of 2020, Words and Pictures has donated up to $25,000 in services to help GBCA rebrand and develop digital marketing campaigns.

“Greater Bergen Community Action, Inc. (GBCA) has been looked to as a critical response source for the thousands upon thousands of residents who have found themselves facing a myriad of new perils as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic” said Lynne Algrant, GBCA Vice President of Planning, Development, and Communications.”

“Understanding the breadth of services they provide and learning what a welcoming resource they are for people in need, reinforced our decision to award them this gift,” said Rhonda Smith DiNapoli, President of Words and Pictures.

“Words and Pictures helped us find our organizational voice. It is such an empowering experience, finding one’s voice,” said Algrant. “We see it happen with our clients. But, I don’t think we realized how important it is for us as an organization and a staff,” she added.

The C.A.R.E Package was borne from the challenges of the pandemic. The campaign that Words and Pictures created encompassed brand identity (visual style and tone of voice), a new tagline, and a toolkit of digital assets and templates for social media content, banner ads, and email marketing.

“As we rolled out our new brand and our new voice, I watched my colleagues sit up taller, square their shoulders, and take renewed pride in our work. “Lives Changed Here” is both powerful and empowering,” said Algrant. “The folks at Words and Pictures will say it was in us all along, but sometimes you need a coach or a guide to find your way. We are so grateful to Words and Pictures for being our guide.”

Words and Pictures is a woman-owned, small business that has served a diverse roster of clients for over 30 years. They work with Fortune 500 companies as well as small-to-mid-sized businesses to help build their brands.


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