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Greater Bergen Community Action to Transform Young Lives with TD Bank Grant

Greater Bergen Community Action (GBCA) has received a $250,000 grant from the TD Charitable Foundation as part of its $7 million initiative to support housing for marginalized communities. This grant will fund the Shepherd House, an innovative transitional housing program for young adults aged 21 to 25 at high risk of homelessness.

The Shepherd House program addresses a critical gap in services for homeless youth and those aging out of foster care in Bergen County. Currently, support programs for this demographic end at 21, leaving many without essential resources. Women, LGBTQ+ youth, and individuals facing racial and gender discrimination are particularly vulnerable. The program aims to equip participants with the life skills, stable housing, and financial security needed to successfully transition to independent living.  

Over 18 months, Shepherd House will offer not only housing but also comprehensive support services. This includes a safe, nurturing environment with night supervision, case management, and milestone-based incentives. Residents will work towards critical life skills and stability benchmarks such as securing employment, obtaining proper identification, registering to vote, and accessing healthcare. Participants will save money in a GBCA-affiliated 1st Bergen savings account, enabling them to secure housing and transportation upon graduation from the program.

The grant will also fund several key upgrades to Shepherd House, making it safer and more comfortable. This includes converting one bedroom into a night supervisor room, enhancing the second-floor common space, improving backyard privacy, and making general aesthetic upgrades.

With over twenty years of experience in providing housing services, Greater Bergen is committed to fostering stability and self-sufficiency among Bergen County’s vulnerable young adults. The Shepherd House program is a significant step towards addressing systemic inequalities and empowering the next generation.

For more information on the TD Charitable Foundation grant program, CLICK HERE.


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