top of page DCA awards $1.8M in financial empowerment grants

New Jersey - The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) announced Feb. 10 it awarded $1.8 million in grants to 10 nonprofits through the Financial Empowerment Pilot Program.

The initiative, which was signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy in 2021, is designed to create programs to help the financial resiliency of Garden State residents.

“I was thrilled to sign the Financial Empowerment Pilot Program into law and excited that DCA has now identified these 10 nonprofit organizations to provide financial knowledge and skills to some of our most vulnerable communities,” said Murphy in a statement. “Financial literacy is key to managing one’s money. Learning how to save, invest, build credit, and so on will not only empower individuals and families to understand how to reach their financial goals, but will allow them to continue to share the knowledge they gained for generations to come." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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