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Removing Lead Health Hazards From The Home

Greater Bergen Community Action

Lead-Safe Home

Greater Bergen Community Action

Lead hazards in the home can cause serious health issues and are especially dangerous to children under the age of 6 causing  developmental delays, behavioral problems, and even brain damage.


Lead dust can accumulate to unsafe levels. The most common way for lead to enter the body is through dust from deteriorating lead-based paint.


The Lead-Safe Home Remediation Program aims to eliminate these hazards by remediating or abating the presence of lead paint from the homes of qualified families with a focus on those homes with children under the age of 6 and/or pregnant women.

Note: Greater Bergen’s Lead-Safe Home program offers remediation and abatement services in both Bergen County and Paterson.

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  • Income-eligible residents of Bergen County and Paterson who live in one to four-family homes built prior to 1978

  • Residents whose property is confirmed to have the presence of lead-based paint hazards


If qualifications are met, one of our building analysts will call to schedule a preliminary lead test in your home. If your home tests positive for the presence of lead, a certified inspector will be dispatched to perform a thorough inspection to determine whether the home requires remediation or abatement based on the severity of lead levels in the home. If the home meets the requirements for abatement, families may be temporarily relocated with the assistance of GBCA.


Lead remediation is performed by sealing off the affected area from the rest of the home to allow for the removal and encapsulation of lead paint, and for the clean-up of any remaining dust particles in the home. Remediation work is usually completed within one to five days. Abatement work may take longer.


A complete list of the documentation that is required is included in the application packet.


They include:

  • Social Security Cards for household residents

  • Proof of address

  • Social security cards for all in household

  • Current payroll stubs

  • Lease agreement for renters

  • Mortgage deed for homeowners

  • Water bill

  • Municipal Order to Abate, if one has been issued

Greater Bergen Community Action
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