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GBCA Helps Fund Larger Free Health Center in Hackensack

HACKENSACK, N.J. — The new Hackensack digs of a medical center that provides free health care to 1,000 Bergen County patients is rapidly progressing.“We’re Sheetrocking now,” said an excited Amanda Missey, president and CEO of the nonprofit Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI) .The current 3,500-square-foot facility at 241 Moore Street is up and running.Meanwhile, a few blocks away at the corner of Essex and State streets, the new 5,000-square-foot facility is under way.When will it be ready? Christmastime, Missey said.The Moore Street location is owned by Greater Bergen Community Action, another key poverty-fighting county nonprofit. It, too, will be moving since the building is slated for demolition under Hackensack’s revitalization plan.Greater Bergen is paying almost half the cost of the $800,000 expansion, according to Missey..…click here to read more.

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