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1st Bergen Federal Credit Union Puts YOU First

“My favorite part about my job is helping individuals establish themselves. If there’s anything in this world that I can do, it’s to help people.”

Kila Lewis is a certified housing counseling specialist who wears many hats at GBCA. She has worked closely with GBCA’s Financial and Housing counseling program as well as GBCA’s LADDER and PHASES programs. Recently, Kila has added Assistant Manager of 1st Bergen Federal Credit Union (FCU) to her list of duties. Her favorite part of the job is to provide resources and education to clients about financial literacy topics such as budgeting and savings, and credit and housing counseling.

Kila tries to make each individual client feel comfortable and know that she genuinely wants to help. “I want to get to know more about their background so that it’s less ‘personal’ and more ‘personable’ for the client,” Kila explained. “We like to get involved with the entire family so they don’t feel as if they are walking on this credit recovery or pre-purchase journey alone.”

At 1st Bergen FCU, Kila is spearheading a series of classes for first time homebuyers where she will educate individuals through the pre- and post-purchasing processes of buying their first homes. The classes will include information on credit analysis, financial literacy, underwriting, and helping individuals get mortgages for their homes. The first class is on January 27, 2017 at 6:00pm at 1st Bergen FCU in Hackensack, NJ. For more information about the classes, contact Kila at (201) 968-0202.

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