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GBCA Head Start Staff, Students and Families Celebrate Children Moving Up to Kindergarten

Hackensack, NJ – Greater Bergen Community Action (GBCA) Head Start Programs are holding ceremonies for the students who are “Moving Up” from its preschool programs to kindergarten.

For the ceremonies, teachers and families of the students come together to celebrate each child’s accomplishments. As part of the program, students sing songs that they’ve learned during their time in the program and participate in celebratory activities specific to their experiences before receiving their certificates of achievement and a special “moving on” gift.

GBCA Head Start and Early Head Start’s student accomplishments are a result of its research-based curriculum, which aligns with New Jersey State licensing standards, and is designed to foster both developmental and educational learning to ensure all children are “kindergarten ready”. All schools are multilingual and are made up of children and families from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, which adheres to its diversity standards. Additionally, every GBCA Head Start and Early Head Start student is provided with:

· free education

· free vision, dental, health and developmental screenings

· free diapers and formula

· free nutritious meals: breakfast, lunch and a snack throughout the school day

GBCA Head Start’s mission is to not only prepare its students for kindergarten, but to prepare the entire family for life beyond the program. Research shows the impact that early learning has on children’s life success, and GBCA Head Start’s “Moving Up” ceremonies allow each family to celebrate all they’ve achieved as preparation for life’s next phase.

Enrollment is always open. To apply for Head Start or Early Head Start, please visit, and to learn more about Greater Bergen Community Action, please visit


GBCA's Head Start and Early Head Start programs are open to all income eligible families. All services are responsive to each child and family's ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage. GBCA Head Start/Early Head Start families gain easy access to all appropriate services and programs of GBCA, including housing, education and financial/banking resources. For more information or to enroll, go to


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