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Neighborhood Preservation Program 5-Year Implementation Plan: Hackensack Anderson St. District

The City of Hackensack, in partnership with Greater Bergen Community Action (GBCA), a City-headquartered social and human services non-profit serving marginalized and underserved populations, and a community-based Neighborhood Stakeholder Team, have worked diligently throughout the second half of 2021 to create a viable and comprehensive five-year "Anderson Street Historic District" Neighborhood Preservation Program Plan. Download, below.

City of Hackensack_Five Year NPP IP_State Approved[45]
Download PDF • 9.33MB

This blueprint for long-term neighborhood preservation, revitalization and place-making efforts lays out a roadmap for comprehensive visible and tangible improvements to a historic business and residential community that is introducing new redevelopment under a city-wide economic and aesthetic renaissance. The goal of the plan is to assist in preserving the historic elements of the district, maximizing the potential of existing community assets, and revitalizing a district that will in the coming years see an influx of new development and thousands of new residents and business opportunities.

The Anderson Street Historic District is rich with community assets, from the community-facing organizations that serve it, to the diverse businesses, residents, houses of worship, parks, and transit access-ways that reside within its borders.

The focus area of the Hackensack Neighborhood Preservation Program includes the blocks and lots directly on and adjacent to the Anderson Street business district, from Main Street to Linden Street. This area possesses the most potential for community development and economic opportunity. This plan will help shape a viable and vibrant neighborhood around a convenient mass transit hub, new and existing businesses, and new transit-oriented redevelopment. The efforts put forth in the next half-decade through the NPP program will not only serve the longstanding residents, business owners and patrons of the Anderson Street Historic District, but also the thousands of new residents that will soon call the neighborhood home when planned redevelopment efforts fully take shape.


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